Friday, December 23, 2011

The Truth

       It's not that I hate Korea.  I'm not one of those infamous Seoul Ranters on Craigslist, who sometimes go overboard.  It's jut that sometimes I'm irritated when I see some people dismissing my complaints against the people here in South Korea.  I see some people automatically loving Koreans just because of mainstream impressions, or some telenovelas they've watched.  I see some people automatically praising Koreans as if they're the good guys, just because they're some current pop idols.  I see some people making excuses/defending them when they haven't even come here (South Korea) and have the real experience of dealing with them on a daily basis.  It's just irritating and I see it's unfair.

       Sure, I've had some good memories with some Korean people.  Hell, I've had some emotional ones too.  But the truth is, the bad experiences are just overwhelmingly more than the good ones.

       Now don't lecture me about that black dot on a white piece of paper.  It's not about that.  In fact, I was once of those who believe in that.  And no, don't assume I'm bitter.  I'd rather be called "jaded."  And yes, not all of them are bad.  I know that too.  But it's not about that.  It's about justifying why I have a chip on my shoulder when we talk about Koreans or Korea in general.  It's about telling my story so people could understand my sentiments.  This is not whining.  It's just a narration.

       But since most of the things I write here are but memories, there's a possibility of running a bit vague or inaccurate.  But I'll be as honest as I can remember.  After all, these are confessions.

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