Friday, December 30, 2011

Band Aid

     Koreans have the tendency to adjust some English vocabulary so they can pronounce it easier and claim they know the language.  They call it Konglish.  I think it's stupid.  Either learn the word or don't.  This causes a lot of confusion sometimes especially when they start mixing one or two konglish word in their Korean language.  What's worse is that they'll find Filipinoes stupid and liars if we don't immediately understand their Konglish.  They believe it's enough to be understood.  And since Filipinoes keep boasting we're proficient in English, yet we didn't understand their Konglish, we lied to them.  That, or we're so stupid that we can't understand the most basic English.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pride or Stupidity?

     This is a long one.  It happened this year, so my memory of it is still intact.  Recurrence of its effects are also frequent, that reminds me of its cause.  But why should I debate whether it's pride or stupidity?  It's in my character not to just let things go.  Believe me though, that I'm a very patient and tolerant person.  It's just that I have some buttons someone could push, that I find unforgivable.  Is that normal?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Show me the money

     Speaking of bus rides, there's another lesson I learned.  During my earliest years in South Korea, my dad keeps mentioning that bus drivers are the "king of the road."  I bet there's another meaning to that expression, but my dad simply means bus drivers have many unreasonable claims and no one dares to oppose.

Beware of falling rocks.

     One of the first challenges I had here was public transportation.  My dad used to work in Ilsan which is about 2 hours away from mine.  Monday mornings, I take 2 bus rides and a cab from Ilsan to Gwangtan.  That's from Ilsan to Geumcheon, Geumcheon to Gwangtan, and Gwangtan to Yuram Sam Go-Ri.  I follow a strict schedule with this 'cause the rides will delay me 30-40 minutes from any of the bus, should I be late with one of them.


       It's not about Christmas.  It's not about being alone either.

       I ran out of coffee (which I always do) and decided to give myself a little treat while out buying some beans.  On the grocery, I searched for cookies but all they have are the ones packed with all the varieties.  I don't like most of them.  I liked it when they're all displayed on a tray and I get to choose which flavor I want.  Not some yucky stuff forced on my mouth.  So forget about the coffee.

Friday, December 23, 2011

In The Beginning...

       So what makes these fellow Filipinoes compete to step at their fellow Filipinoes?  Where they chase around bosses and kiss their asses with all their charms and what-not?  Where they tend to boast every little thing they have (or even don't have but fantasizes on having) just to make you feel they're better than you?  It's frustration.

       Its not about "crab mentality" or any of those sickening traits pinoys have.  It's just that they can't take the Korean people's abuse any much longer.  But they can't do anything about it.  So where or who's the outlet?  It's the new guy.  Just another innocent pinoy who just arrived in this forsaken country.

The Truth

       It's not that I hate Korea.  I'm not one of those infamous Seoul Ranters on Craigslist, who sometimes go overboard.  It's jut that sometimes I'm irritated when I see some people dismissing my complaints against the people here in South Korea.  I see some people automatically loving Koreans just because of mainstream impressions, or some telenovelas they've watched.  I see some people automatically praising Koreans as if they're the good guys, just because they're some current pop idols.  I see some people making excuses/defending them when they haven't even come here (South Korea) and have the real experience of dealing with them on a daily basis.  It's just irritating and I see it's unfair.