Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knock Out!

     I laughed when I read one of my facebook friends ranting about Koreans leaving the door open, wherever they go.  More so, when another replied that Koreans close the door behind them-- even when someone's just 2 feet behind them.

     But this is not about my friend's rant.  It's what I've been through in relation to his rant.

     Years ago, my dad built a heavy, wooden, sliding door to his quarters.  It takes quite a bit to get in his room.  Furthermore, he regularly asks his co-workers (Koreans) to knock before entering his room.  They often forget, but they do knock when reminded.  Now that's not the disturbing part.  It's how they knock and what they do afterwards.  They knock once... yes, once... then slide the door open.  Yes, one single knock, then slide the door open, a second (or less) after that, then enter while the door was still half-way open.  And yes, it's the same sequence every time.

     Dad and I sometimes talk about this and we just laugh at it.  There's nothing much we can do really.  You see, it's already a feat to ask a Korean to knock before entering.  My dad had to go through, "왜?!" (Why?) many times before they leave him with a possible understanding.  I used "?!" to emphasize on the tone.  It's a very bossy tone (often with eyes glaring and hands on hips), as if you're asking permission to steal something.  This is the truth and I've seen it done to my father.  I also said, "possible understanding," because you'll never know if they agreed or not.  They just leave you with no say, so all you can do is hope.  Hope that they understand and agree.

     So with that said, how much more will it take to ask them to do it properly (if there's such a way)?  My way is to knock 5 times, gently but enough to be audible on the other side.  Wait for acknowledgement, then enter if invited.  But can I really ask them to do the same?  No.  I tried.  I tried many times and made myself an example.  I don't know if it's just part of their culture or for whatever reason they don't knock.  I really don't like it.  But as I said, all I can do is laugh it out.  And now, wrote about it.

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